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South bend 7" x 8" swivel mast metal-cutting bandsaw

7" x 8" Swivel Mast Metal-cutting Bandsaw
This new South Bend Metal-cutting Bandsaw is designed with the operator in mind. The quick release vise speeds up production and the 3 speed gear box allows selection of the right speed with just a turn of the dial. Hydraulic fine feed control and 4 bearings support the blade both before and after the cut, making this saw as accurate as they come! And it gets better! The vise can also be positioned on either side of the blade making it versatile enough for any shop layout or any setup needing this special configuration. It comes with a heavy-duty one-piece stand, blade tension guide and flood coolant. Beautiful South Bend light gray and two-tone blue color scheme.
* Motor: 1-1 2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, 1720 RPM
* Pump motor: 1 8 HP, 110/220V, single-phase, 3450 RPM
* Blade speeds: 112, 164, 213 FPM
* Miter cutting capacity: 0 to 45
0 , rectangular: 7" x 8-1 4"
45 , rectangular: 3-3 8" x 5-1 2"
* Floor to table height: 33-5 16"
* Maximum overall dimensions: 59"L x 47"W x 67-3 8"H
* Quick change 3 speed blade control
* Vise can be positioned right or left of blade

South bend 7